FOX 17 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What jobs are available in the broadcast field?

A. For employment at KDSM FOX 17 and other Sinclair Broadcast Group stations, click here. For more employment opportunities in the Broadcasting Industry, log on to this website.

Q. What cable channel are you on in my town?

A. Mediacom cable channel 6 in Des Moines.

Q. I have DirecTV service, and I cannot receive FOX 17 with my off air antenna. How can I receive your station?

A. DirecTV offers a package of local channels for the Des Moines area. If you live within our viewing area, you may subscribe to this package through DirecTV for a small fee.

Q. How do I receive your HD signal?

A. You need a UHF antenna and a TV with a built digital tuner or a set top box. Some satellite receivers have built in digital off-air tuners. Perform a channel scan and our HD signal will be found on 17.1.

Q. What is 17.2?

A. 17.2 is currently a simulcast of our over the air signal. This is a standard definition digital broadcast. You will need an antenna and a digital TV with a digital tuner built in or a set top box to receive this free off air signal.

Q. What cable channel on Mediacom is HD in Des Moines?

A. Mediacom channel 817.

Q. Do I need a special antenna to receive a digital signal and where do I point it?

A. The same UHF antenna works for both analog and digital signals. It should be pointed toward the tall towers in Alleman located just North of Ankeny.

Q. Can I get a copy of a program I missed?

A. Currently due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to provide copies of any of our programming. However, kdsm.com has launched FOX on DEMAND where you will be able to purchase and watch your favorite FOX programs.

Q. How can I contact FOX Network stars or shows?

A. Please follow this link to the FOX Network website.

Q. How can I get other questions answered by the FOX Network?

A. Follow this link to the FOX Network FAQ page.

Q. Can I contact KDSM FOX 17 directly?

A. Yes! We read every comment we receive from our viewers, but sometimes it is difficult to answer them all. We do take your comments and suggestions seriously and appreciate the time you take to make them. You may e-mail us or write us at the following address:
Viewer's Voice
4023 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321
• Consumers can apply to the NTIA through www.dtv.gov

Tonight on FOX 17

5:00pm 2 Broke Girls
5:30pm Big Bang Theory
6:00pm Two And A Half Men 
6:30pm Big Bang Theory 
7:00pm American Idol
8:00pm Hell's Kitchen
9:00pm 13 News at Nine
10:00pm 2 Broke Girls
10:30pm Mike & Molly
11:00pm Two And A Half Men 
11:30pm Seinfeld

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