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Distracted driving endangers driver, passenger, and bystander safety on our roads in Iowa. The TXT L8R campaign simply asks drivers of any age to pledge that they will no longer text on a mobile phone while driving a vehicle. Pledge to TXT L8R and you`ll also be registered to win a $25 gas card courtesy of Casey`s

Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau
Be sure to read the official contest rules before entering.

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What do you tend to do that distracts you the most while driving?

Talking on Phone
Putting on Make-Up
Using GPS Device
Adjusting MP3, CD Player or Radio
25.85% Texting
10.88% Talking on Phone
7.48% Eating
17.68% Kids
0.68% Putting on Make-Up
3.4% Using GPS Device
34.01% Adjusting MP3, CD Player or Radio

*Percentages reflect online portion of voting only.