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EVERYBODY WINS!is a privately funded, national nonprofit organization that was founded in 1991 and started in Iowa in 2002. Its mission is to increase children's prospects for success in school and in life through one-to-one reading experiences with caring adults or older students. Recently, the U.S. Congress has honored the success of EVERYBODY WINS! and the Iowa PTA and the Des Moines Public School has endorsed the program.

Power Lunch is a lunchtime literacy and mentoring program in which elementary school students are matched one-to-one with volunteers from companies and community organizations. Volunteer reading partners promote reading for pleasure by reading aloud with the students, sharing favorite stories and talking about books. Volunteer reading partners are also role models who enhance students' self-esteem and encourage their success through consistent, positive weekly interaction.

How does the Power Lunch operate?

  • On a weekly basis, volunteers go to the school, meet their student, pick up a school lunch or bring in a sack lunch, and proceed to a classroom or school library to enjoy time eating, talking and reading with their student.
  • Volunteer reading partners commit to the program for one school year and are encouraged to continue with the same child from year to year during their elementary school years.

How does the Power Lunch help?

  • Students benefit from the consistent, reliable, positive interaction with a caring adult.
  • Schools and teachers reap the benefits of a program that helps their students become more interested in reading and more receptive to learning, without assuming any administrative burden or cost.
  • Volunteers benefit from a convenient, enjoyable and personally rewarding volunteer experience that has direct impact.
  • Companies benefit from offering a simple, time efficient way to enhance employee morale and from the positive effects of providing a valuable service to the community.

How you can help?

Your help is essential to the recruitment of additional volunteer reading partners so more children can experience the benefits of having a supportive, caring adult to spend one-to-one time with each week. This program is needed in every elementary school across the city and state. Please help us support this excellent program by lending your leadership to helping children feel connected and supported in their reading and learning efforts. We believe that all our children deserve the best.

To Volunteer:

Contact: statedirector@everybodywinsiowa.org

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