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Ambush leaves Georgia police officer dead
An investigation is underway after a Georgia police officer was killed in an ambush early Wednesday morning.

Georgia waffles on execution decision when confronted with cloudy drug, court documents say
Georgia officials waffled on whether to proceed with an execution when the lethal injection drug was discovered to have a cloudy appearance, according to court documents, and one expert said the state's decision to postpone it was the right move.

Massachusetts judge throws out confession of teen accused of killing teacher
A Massachusetts teenager's confession to police that he killed his math teacher cannot be used in his murder trial, a judge ruled Tuesday even as he allowed a bloody box cutter and other key pieces of evidence to be admitted.

Asiana Airlines reaches settlement with 72 passengers over 2013 crash
More than 70 passengers aboard an Asiana Airlines flight that crashed in San Francisco two years ago have reached a settlement in their lawsuits against the airline, attorneys for the passengers and airline said in a court filing Tuesday.

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