TICKET CON: Scammers Target Vulnerable Drivers

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Remaining Oregon refuge occupiers say they'll turn themselves in
The last four holdouts of an armed militia that has occupied a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon for the past 40 days told reporters they would turn themselves in Thursday morning.

SC, NV in Spotlight As Campaigns Take an Uglier Turn
SC and NV are next to vote. It's getting ugly on the campaign trail.

Homeless man who helped find escapees could get $100,000
A new report says a homeless man deserves up to $100,000 for helping recapture two violent Orange County jail escapees.

White Los Angeles worker wins millions for alleged race discrimination
A white city parks worker whose former supervisor allegedly told him “I hate white people” is set to receive more than $3.8 million after the Los Angeles City Council approved the payout Wednesday.


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