POINT ONE CLUB: Group Helps People Lose Weight

After an annual checkup, an Ankeny man's doctor gave him a choice, start living or start dying.

Gavin Jerome chose to take a path that he says saved his life, but it didn't come without its share of obstacles along the way.

48 year old Gavin Jerome is a comedian.

Humor helped Gavin connect with others, but inside he wasn't laughing.

"I was almost 300 pounds, all my core morbidities, all my numbers exploded, I had blood sugar issues, cholesterol issues, I had a cholesterol test and they found bacon, so I had to do something and I had to do something right away, and it saved my life," says Gavin Jerome of Ankeny.

Gavin turned to the mercy weight loss center and choose the gastric sleeve procedure, a surgery that makes the stomach smaller in turn helping the patient lose weight.

It was exactly what Gavin needed to jump start his life.

"Everyone form in around here, we're going to make a little workout area," says Jerome.

As Gavin started his weight-loss journey, he set a goal and to him a crazy one.

"My ridiculous goal was to run in the 2014 Hy-Vee triathlon, I've never run a road race, I didn't own a bike, and I couldn't swim, but I set that as my ridiculous goal," says Jerome.

Gavin formed the group, "Zero-Point-One-Club" to help him and others achieve the impossible.

"All I care about it the "Zero-Point-One, if you're doing one little thing each and every day, you can achieve great results," says Jerome.

The group meets weekly, working out and encouraging each other through the weight-loss journey, using humor as a tool to get there.

"If you change your words you change your thoughts, if you change your thoughts, you change your actions, if your actions change then you change, so we're not going to call them squats we're going to call them sit downs," says Jerome.

Mercy's Weight Loss and Nutrition Center is following the groups progression, providing guideless and encouragement along the way.

"I think getting started is the hardest part for people and if you have a team to work with and something motivating and people who are like you and are just starting that makes the world of difference and helps keep you going to help you reach your goals," says R.D.L.D. Kathleen Kohlhaas.

Slowly Gavin started to notice a change, twenty pounds become forty, and forty become eighty.

About a year later Gavin is down 87 pounds and counting and off all of his medications to control his blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

"I wanted people to become a point one person because that's how I achieved my success, I couldn't run any more than 200 yards when I started but what I did was I did a little bit each and every day I wasn't worried about the finish I was worried about the start," says Jerome.

Gavin continues to use laughter as a means of motivation.

Adding workout leader to his bag of tricks, helping encourage others to set a goal and achieve it.

"If I can do this, if I can pull off this triathlon, anybody can do anything and I hope people find some inspiration in that," says Jerome.

For more information on joining the "Zero-Point-One Club" and to follow Gavin's journey to the Hy-Vee Triathlon visit, www.TriGavin.com

POINT ONE CLUB: Group Helps People Lose Weight
POINT ONE CLUB: Group Helps People Lose Weight

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