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Arizona mother admits to drowning twin 2-year-old sons, police say
An Arizona mom allegedly told cops she drowned her twin two-year-old sons because "nobody loved them and nobody loved her."

DA: Shooter who killed Texas cop unleashed 15 shots at close range
The alleged gunman who murdered a Texas deputy unleashed 15 shots at close range, emptying the entire clip of his .40 caliber pistol and another bullet loaded in the chamber as he stood over the dead cop, according to Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.

2 climbers die in fall in Wyoming's Wind River Range, second double fatality this month
A climbing accident has killed two men in Wyoming's Wind River Range, marking the second double climbing fatality in the state in a week.

5 Useful Skills TV Producers Possess That You Should Too
Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, here are qualities you should have to make your business life more successful.


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