ANCIENT PROBLEM: City's Water Woes Out Of This World

About 74 million years ago, when dinosaurs still walked the Earth, and long before humans, a meteorite more than a mile wide struck what would later become Manson, Iowa.

The impact caused a massive crater about 300-feet under ground, destroying the natural geological layers and displacing underground water. Because of that, the city is having a difficult time finding that water.

“Our own pool of water is coming to us by what we think are the underground veins or rivers or whatever you want to call it from this central body of water. So we have to find that vein,” Mayor Dave George explained. “That seems to be trickier than we thought it was going to be.”

The city has already tried and failed three times.

They hope this fourth time is the charm. But if not, with a cost of about $200,000 every time the city unsuccessfully drills for water, money and hope are running out.

“If this continues,” the mayor said, “this pattern, we’re going to start getting outside of that, that we funded for. And I’m not sure what we’ll do then.”

An option to pipe water from Fort Dodge is being ruled out because Manson’s water system wouldn’t be able to handle its hard water.

ANCIENT PROBLEM: City’s Water Woes Out Of This World

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