FOX 17 - NFL Game of the Week

It`s that time of year again football fans! It`s time to tell FOX 17 who you want to watch play on Sunday afternoons. Rally up your team`s fans, make your voices heard and start selecting which game you`d like to watch.

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Two ways to make your votes count!

  1. Text GAME to 91217 and select the match up you prefer
  2. Vote online

You can vote once a week on your mobile phone and/or online. Voting ends each Thursday night at midnight and the winning match up will be revealed Friday.

KDSM reserves the right to make changes to the NFL schedule on KDSM FOX 17.

Vote Now!

Thanks for your participation in the 2011 NFL Game of the Week! See you all next year.

Voting Schedule

NFL Week 3 - Voting (Closed)

Giants v Eagles 20%
Lions v Vikings 76%
49ers v Bengals 4%

NFL Week 4 - Voting (Closed)

Lions v Cowboys 3%
49ers v Eagles 1%
Panthers v Bears 48%
Redskins v Rams 0%
Saints v Jaguars 1%
Vikings v Chiefs 46%

NFL Week 5 - Voting (Closed)

Seahawks v Giants 3%
Cardinals v Vikings 58%
Saints v Panthers 10%
Eagles v Bills 29%

NFL Week 6 - Voting (Closed)

Eagles v Redskins 17%
49ers v Lions 45%
Rams v Packers 31%
Panthers v Falcons 24%

NFL Week 7 - Voting (Closed)

Falcons v Lions 42%
Redskins v Panthers 4%
Bears v Buccaneers 51%
Seahawks v Browns 3%

NFL Week 8 - Voting (Closed)

Vikings v Panthers 71%
Saints v Rams 16%
Cardinals v Ravens 13%

NFL Week 9 - Voting (Closed)

Seahawks v Cowboys 23%
49ers v Redskins 27%
Buccaneers v Saints 43%
Falcons v Colts 7%

NFL Week 10 - Voting Closed

Cardinals v Eagles 11%
Lions v Bears Game moved to 3:15 on FOX
Saints v Falcons 69%
Redskins v Dolphins 6%
Rams v Browns 14%

NFL Week 11 - Voting Closed

Cowboys v Redskins 12.8%
Panthers v Lions 32%
Buccaneers v Packers 55.2%

NFL Week 12 - Voting Closed

Vikings v Falcons 76.30%
Cardinals v Rams 7.69%
Panthers v Colts 3.58%
Buccaneers v Titans 12.43%

NFL Week 13 - Voting Closed

Broncos v Vikings 79%
Panthers v Buccaneers 6%
Falcons v Texans 15%

NFL Week 15 - Voting Closed

Redskins v Giants 1%
Seahawks v Bears 28%
Saints v Vikings 30%
Panthers v Texans 5%
Packers v Chiefs 36%

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